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We understand the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.  Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don't do it alone.

– Marianne Rousseau

The outcome of your case is important.

We believe all clients deserve to receive high-quality legal representation at a fair price. Rousseau Law and Mediation is small enough to respond to the individual needs of our clients, yet we possess the resources required to handle complex and sophisticated transactions, and complicated litigation.

We are committed to advise our clients of their options and to advocate vigorously on their behalf. We are devoted to providing quality representation to our clients by combining legal distinction with skillful, creative advocacy.

Our Attorneys

Marianne L. Rousseau, Esq.

Marianne L. Rousseau, Esq.

Senior Partner / Managing Director

Debbie M. Martin-Demers, Esq.

Debbie M. Martin-Demers, Esq.


We will guide you safely through the Divorce Process.

We are seasoned professionals and attorneys quite familiar with the tenuis labor required to help put clients at ease in dealing with all potentially overwhelming aspects of Divorce and Family Law representation, as well as participation in Collaborative Law and Mediation.

We take pride in our ability to minimize emotional stress while positively restructuring your life and your family’s lives once you have committed to dissolving your marriage or sadly, just simply having to do so. We understand. The delicate nature of divorce and family law issues is our professional calling and we appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.

From Our Clients.

“I knew I needed a divorce, but had no plan on how to accomplish it. Feeling overwhelmed, a friend referred me to Rousseau Law and Mediation. Marianne Rousseau took the time to listen to the things important to me. She explained the law and the process, helping me formulate a plan that I felt comfortable with. Everyone feels that their divorce is unique with many “urgent” situations; when a situation came up, Marianne, Christina, Caroline and staff were easy to get in touch with and prompt in giving legal advice. A common theme in Marianne’s responses was keeping the best interest of my kids in mind. She held firm during negotiations, keeping calm and professional when things became tense. In addition, Marianne negotiated a fair and equitable settlement without the need or added expense of going before a court. I highly recommend Rousseau Law and Mediation.” -H, Divorce”

“Thank you for helping us”.  -Child of a client
“Dear Marianne, thank you for the extra effort you have made for my family. My son’s therapist told him to stop acting like he’s 42, mom can take care of herself. I looked at my son. With your help, maybe we can take the weight of the world off that young man’s shoulders” -M, divorce with minor children”

“I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. It just helps to know that I’m not alone, you know?” -J, Divorce with minor children