Family stability is our priority.

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New Hampshire Courts afford parental rights the highest regard since the United States Supreme Court held that parenting a child is one’s constitutional right. The rules governing this specific area of the law are complex and typically one will only prevail on a guardianship if one can prove by clear and convincing evidence that there is a need for substitution of a parent’s role and care. It is imperative to hire a legal team when pursuing or defending against a petition for a minor guardianship in New Hampshire.


Our passion for family clients is evidenced over the years where we have handled cases for families, couples and their children. When children are involved in legal matters, we understand the sensitive nature of the issues involved. We strive to be advocates for children in all matters when we represent our clients. We have a solid understanding of the laws in New Hampshire regarding minor guardianship and will help you navigate the court system.


There are many situations, circumstances and scenarios that can lead to guardianship of a child. Sometimes grandparents want to step into a child’s life when the parents are no longer around or are unable to provide adequate parenting. Stepparents and other organizations sometimes seek to take legal responsibility for a child. Whatever the case, our firm will work on your behalf to advocate for the best interests of the child.


If you are concerned for the welfare of a child and you want to seek guardianship, our firm can answer your questions to assist you in seeking the proper protection for them. We also help with reuniting parents with their children by seeking termination of the guardianship if the parent has improved the circumstances that led to the guardianship. Contact us to learn more about the best options for your situation.

We understand the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.  Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.