Child Support and Alimony are not the same.

Our family law firm has the legal expertise and experience in child support and alimony needed to sort out complex issues.

Alimony is support intended to assist a spouse after a divorce or legal separation. Despite common misperception, alimony is available in New Hampshire. Our firm addresses spousal support claims and our intention is to fully defend or pursue our clients’ interests on these often complicated and sometimes contentious matters. Alimony must be specifically requested during the divorce process for the court to consider awarding it.

Alimony awards may vary by situation, but New Hampshire now has a statute to address this issue.  A formula for calculating alimony now exists which considers any child support that is received/paid.  There are some factors that a Court can take into consideration, which may include employment status and income of each spouse, their living expenses, how assets were divided, length of marriage, need and ability to pay, and the spouses’ ages to name a few. After an award of alimony is made, either party can request to modify, terminate, or extend the alimony if unforeseen circumstances arise such as the loss of a job or unexpected disability.

Child support is money intended for the support of the child awarded, for example, after the parents separate and have their own residences to maintain. We have worked with numerous families to ensure that a child has the same opportunities in each household even if there is a large difference in income between the parents. As advocates for children, we work with our clients to demand child support enforcement and can negotiate favorable child support settlements.

The complicated factors involved in calculating child support and alimony require a seasoned New Hampshire family law professional. Call our office today.

Our law firm has the legal expertise and experience in child support and alimony needed to sort out complex family issues. Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.