Collaborative Divorce Law works.

Get the most favorable outcome without costly and emotional litigation through collaborative law or divorce attorneys in New Hampshire.

The Collaborative Practice provides comprehensive professional support from fields of law, mental health and financial planning to help couples reach their own divorce agreements. A collaborative divorce lawyer must receive specific training in this area of the law.  You, your lawyer, your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer sign a written contract which commits all of you to a series of meetings in which you will work creatively to arrive at agreements out of court.  Other professionals who may be involved in the Collaborative process would also agree to the “no court” pledge.

In the Collaborative Practice, the divorce is looked at as a problem to be solved rather than as a war to be waged.

Collaborative law allows couples who have decided they wanted to separate or end their marriage to work it out in a process involving attorneys and other family professionals to avoid litigation. This process also allows the parties to settle family matters in a more custom-tailored fashion to meet the needs of both parties and settle the disputes in a voluntary and cooperative way.   The number of meetings and the length of time needed varies widely.  People who follow this process report a high degree of satisfaction.

A collaborative divorce lawyer from our firm in New Hampshire can help you achieve a more certain outcome without going to court. Our firm specializes in New Hampshire family law and divorce. We have a passion for working with families to assist them in their transition in regard to legal issues in family law.

Additionally, our firm provides value through collaborative law in potential cost savings. The process and other family professionals involved make it more streamlined and effective than other legal means. You can also avoid potential litigation and court costs as well as solve problems faster and in more meaningful ways.

Talk with a collaborative law attorney to learn more about the ways in which collaborative law can help your family achieve the best possible legal and personal outcomes. Our expert family law attorneys in New Hampshire will provide you with an initial consultation.

Get the most favorable outcome without costly and emotional litigation through collaborative law or divorce attorneys in New Hampshire. Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.