Family Law.

We are a trusted family law practice in New Hampshire that can help with divorce, alimony, property and child support enforcement.

Our firm is dedicated to keeping our clients’ best interests at the forefront of our objectives. Family law can be a complicated area within our judicial system and as such, it requires expertise and proper care from any attorney that is going to provide representation in your case. Our firm works on many types of family law issues including parenting rights and responsibilities, property division, alimony and other difficult legal problems.

We understand that matters involving children, parental rights and child support can be emotionally charged so we safeguard that our clients can trust us to support them fully through the legal process. It is our responsibility to maintain that support and trust through your case. We promptly return calls and respond to e-mails.

Our family law practice also represents the interests of those drafting prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. We also assist in the modification of parenting plans and child support orders.

We are an effective law firm that understands the scope, details and legal implications of family matters involving the courts in New Hampshire. Our experts in family law will fight to get you the most desirable outcome for your unique situation.

We also understand that safety and privacy is a key concern for many of our clients, so we can meet you in a safe and secure location to discuss the details of any potential legal case. Family law can be overwhelming for many. Let us help put your legal burdens at ease.

We will represent your best interest throughout legal settlements, divorce, child custody and other issues involving family law. Take the first step and call us to get started if you need someone to support you with family legal issues.

We understand the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.  Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.