What are my rights as a parent in NH?

Our family law practice in New Hampshire can help settle parental rights and responsibilities agreements.

A divorce and separation can produce high levels of stress and anxiety for anyone who is faced with this life changing event.  It can affect both adults and children . Families that are going through a divorce or separation with children should have some awareness of  the laws concerning parental rights and responsibilities in New Hampshire.  The same parenting laws apply to children that came from unwed families.

Typically, in this State, for the best possible outcome, both parents are responsible for raising the children and making decisions on their behalf. However, when the parents are not able to do so, a judge will be forced to enter an order designating how these decisions will be made and how the parental responsibilities will be allocated.

In the first instance, families are always encouraged to attempt to resolve any parenting disputes in mediation before seeking a judge’s involvement. For example, the court prefers that parents, who should know their children better than the court, mediate and agree on a custodial solution for children including the residence, and how much time each parent has for parenting time with the child.  If parents are unable to reach an agreement, a hearing will be scheduled, and the judge will enter an order after hearing testimony from the parents.

Our family law firm is well versed on New Hampshire parental rights and responsibilities and we work passionately as advocates for children so families can move forward following a divorce and separation.  We assist families to restructure and live better and happier lives, freeing them from persistent conflict. Call us and talk to one of our legal experts in family law and parental rights and responsibilities in the State of New Hampshire. We value our client’s privacy, confidentiality and safety.

We understand the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.  Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.