Rousseau Law and Mediation


“Thank you for helping us”.  -Child of a client

“Dear Marianne, thank you for the extra effort you have made for my family.  My son’s therapist told him to stop acting like he’s 42, mom can take care of herself.  I looked at my son.  With your help, maybe we can take the weight of the world off that young man’s shoulders” -M, divorce with minor children

“I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. It just helps to know that I'm not alone, you know?” -J, Divorce with minor children

“Thank you for your time. I know it sounds like I am nitpicking everything, but these things are very important to me.  Trust me, I'm letting a lot slide:)  The kids and I are so much happier now and I appreciate all of your help with this.” -J, Divorce with minor children

"Thank you very much for the decision news . Thank you for everything !!! Most of all thank you for understanding everything I asked for." -M, Divorce with minor children

"We have agreed that the Guardianship be terminated. Could you please file the necessary paperwork with the Court, thank you! We would also like to thank you for representing us and our granddaughter, you made things a lot easier for us to protect and keep her safe. Thank you for all you have done! If needed in the future you will be the first one to call, God bless you Caroline." -C, Guardianship

"I knew I needed a divorce, but had no plan on how to accomplish it.  Feeling overwhelmed, a friend referred me to Rousseau Law and Mediation.  Marianne Rousseau took the time to listen to the things important to me.  She explained the law and the process, helping me formulate a plan that I felt comfortable with.  Everyone feels that their divorce is unique with many “urgent” situations; when a situation came up, Marianne, Christina, Caroline and staff were easy to get in touch with and prompt in giving legal advice.  A common theme in Marianne’s responses was keeping the best interest of my kids in mind.  She held firm during negotiations, keeping calm and professional when things became tense.  In addition, Marianne negotiated a fair and equitable settlement without the need or added expense of going before a court.  I highly recommend Rousseau Law and Mediation." -H, Divorce