Plan for your family when life is calm.

Hire an expert family lawyer to consult on wills and advance directives and be proactive.

Planning for your family’s future in the case of unknown events or the natural passing of life can be an important step in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Having a Last Will and Testament outlining your specific wishes regarding your personal and real property will help your family to carry out your last wishes. If you do not have a Last Will and Testament, your assets will pass to your family members according to New Hampshire’s laws and may not be line with how you would want your assets divided.

Powers of attorney for healthcare and financial decisions will give a trusted family member or friend the authority to make decisions when you are incapacitated. Advance directives for healthcare decisions can help guide decisions for medical providers if you are terminally ill, critically injured, comatose, late stage dementia or near the end of life. These documents are not intended only for the elderly. Unexpected situations can occur at any time and it’s important to be prepared.

A Power of Attorney for Healthcare includes a Living Will which will tell your doctors and healthcare agent how to administer end of life care. Hire an expert in family law and estate planning to consult with you on these matters so you can get the care, wishes and inheritance decisions you deserve while you have the ability to make these important decisions. Our family law firm has the legal experience necessary to navigate these complex domains.

We understand the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciate the personal impact these cases have on our clients.  Divorce and family law issues are among the most intense, challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime; don’t do it alone.